Located within our spacious club rooms and grounds we have a large variety of track gauges as well as control methods for our members to enjoy on a weekly basis.

AMRA QLD – Indoor Main Layout
“Our large Main Layout is the centre piece of our air-conditioned club rooms. Containing two long continuous tracks, passing loops, sidings and reverse loops, the main layout can handle a large number of operators at one time on either DC or DCC.”


16.5mm Code 100 Track
Ho, OO, On30 and S Scale Clearances available
DC operated by handheld remotes.
DC RCS Radio Control for Wireless Operation (Not Available at all times)
DCC via NCE Pro Cab using Radio Handsets or WiFi App Control via Android or Apple Smart Phone or Tablets.

“Warring’s” Layout
“A small single track layout ideal for operation of no more than 3 people. Our project layout which we use to help develop a better understanding of new technology of model railways. The layout is unique as it contains 12mm track to represent the 3’6″ of Queensland’s extensive railway network.”

16.5mm Code 100 Track & 12mm Peco Code 75
Ho and OO Clearances.
DC Operated by handheld remotes.
DCC via NCE power cab handhelds.

O Gauge

We building a new layout in O Gauge Tin Plate 3 Rail for all those enthusiasts who love a trip down memory lane.  Primarily a Show Layout, it will be available for use when not at a show

Outdoor Garden Railway
“Our outdoor garden railway has received a large extension and now offers quite a substantial run for those interested in the large scales of model railways, including live steam, remote battery operation or track powered locomotives.

32mm or 45mm Track
DC Operated by Controllers
Live Steam
On board Battery Radio Control

N Scale

9mm Modellers have started the production of a new layout for OO9, HOE, and N Scale Models.  It will be a layout that we will slowly bring together by way of adding scenery and buildings.  We are making the control systems the same as the main 16.5mm layout with DC, DCC, and radio controlled DC

Suggets Siding

This layout is primarily a shunting puzzle but has some great examples of scenery techniques.  Modelled using HO/OO Track it provides hours of fun.